What is Counselling?

In recent years there has been a new appreciation and focus put on mental health and its effects on people. This is thanks in no small part to organizations like Bell’s Let’s Talk Day. Mental health is important, and has many different aspects. Because of this, it might be confusing to understand exactly what mental health is and how counselling fits into that. In this section we will help to give an overview of what it means to be wholistically healthy, and how Freedom Counselling can be a part of that journey for you.

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Wholistic Health Counselling

At Freedom Counselling, we see people as more than just a set of problems. Each person is a dynamic and ever-changing life force, which interacts with the world around them in a variety of ways. One common way of approaching the human gives eight aspects to one’s personal experience – emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational, financial, and social wellbeing.* These various factors, as well as relationships and environment, work together to produce mental health effects. With so many moving parts, it can be hard to manage them all at once. At Freedom Counselling we try to help you understand yourself better and learn to manage the different parts of your life experience.

How Counselling Works

Just as life looks different for each person, so does counselling. At Freedom Counselling our goal is to give you help in the specific areas that you are coming in for, in a way that works best for you. For many people this involves a free, 30-minute consultation, followed by a number of sessions focused on a specific issue.

For some people, counselling is a short, one time experience of 3-4 sessions. Clients learn the tools they need to manage the issue that brought them to therapy and they are good to go. For others, it is a long term solution, with regular check-ins as symptoms come and go. There is no “right way” to do counselling, and we want to give you the experience that makes you feel the most comfortable. That is why we also offer our satisfaction guarantee. If counselling is something that you are considering, pick up the phone and call (250) 550-5482 today. You have nothing to lose and a life of freedom ahead of you!

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