Why Try Couple Counselling?

Every relationship has its ups and downs. But sometimes the downs seem larger, and more frequent, than the good times. Sometimes it feels like you are going round and around in circles, getting nowhere. Counselling is a safe, confidential space that you can talk about the issues you and your partner are going through in front of a neutral, accepting third party. Vern and Calista have been married for over 25 years and know how much work it can be – but also how much it’s worth it. They can help you and your partner learn to communicate with one another and help you create a deeper and lasting relationship.

Couple Concerns

Vern and Calista have helped hundreds of couples through issues just like yours! Some of these include:

Communication – Parenting – Grief & Loss – Past Abuse – Infidelity – Addictions (drugs, alcohol) – Addictive Behaviours (sex, food, work) – Abusive Relationships – Conflict & Resolution – Separation & Divorce – Sexual Problems

Your FREE Initial Consultation

Counselling can seem like a big step to take, and we want to make that easier. We invite you and your partner to come for a free, 30 minute consultation and see for yourself what counselling is like. It is completely confidential and there is no pressure for a follow-up session! We want to get to know you better and give you hope for a brighter future – one marked by Freedom!

What you need to know for your first session:

Location: Freedom Counselling has offices in Vernon and Kelowna, as well as online counselling. Click here for more info!

Length & Frequency of Session: After initial consultation, most couple sessions run for 50 minutes, with 100 minute sessions available for those who want to go more in-depth more quickly. Usually sessions takes place on a weekly basis. Our popular Relationship Renovation program has most couples spending around 8 sessions in therapy.

Cost: The cost of counselling depends on which therapist you are seeing and whether you have insurance coverage. Private sessions usually run between $125-160.

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