What is Grief and Loss?

Grief and loss are natural human expressions after saying goodbye to someone or something that you loved. It may have been a person that meant so much to you – a parent, a partner, a child. No matter the situation or circumstance, loss is hard, and everyone reacts differently to it. If the pain you are feeling seems overwhelming, it is okay to feel that way. You are not on your own. Other times, it is a relationship, vocation or location that we are grieving. These were big parts of you, and now it seems like a part of you or your life is now missing. This is a completely normal experience, and there should be no shame associated with it.

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 How Does Grief and Loss Affect Me?

Grief affects different people different ways. Some typical grief reactions are feeling like you are losing your mind, feeling moody, depressed, or overwhelmed. It can also be a feeling of wanting to “escape,” or feeling alone and misunderstood. Finally, you might not feel at all – it can be the loss of emotion, of energy, of motivation for life. However you experience grief, we are there for you. There is no normal timeline for grief, and there should not be any expectations to just “get over it.” A common explanation for the stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These were not initially designed for loss however, and so if your symptoms do not fit this pattern that is perfectly normal.

Grief and Loss Counselling

No matter what part of the grieving process you are in, the therapists at Freedom Counselling are there for you. Sometimes grief and loss counselling is simply a listening ear, talking about what you lost and what it meant for you. Other times grief and loss counselling involves looking at ways that you can move on in a way that honours the person or thing that you lost. Finally, for those who experienced a loss that was tragic or unexpected, it may be working through anxieties or fears about another event like it happening in the future. No matter what it looks like, our therapists want to hear from you and have you living your best life.

Helpful Resources

Health Link BC

This Government of British Columbia website is a good starting place to find information and resources about coping with grief and loss in BC. Find out more here.

British Columbia Bereavement Helpline

The BC Bereavement Helpline is a non-profit and free resource for those that are struggling with grief and loss. Check out their helpful website here.

The Centre for Addition and Mental Health

CAMH is a psychiatric teaching hospital in Toronto, ON, and their website has some great resources that explain what grief and loss are and how to cope with them. Find out more here.

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