What are Male Issues?

Statistically, males are far less likely to pursue counselling than females. There are a number of reasons that have been suggested for this, but one of the main causes can be labelled as “toxic masculinity.” In our North American society boys are taught from a young age that to be male is to be tough, strong, successful. For some people, toxic masculinity shows itself in suppressing emotions or maintaining a “stiff upper lip.” When men do come in for counselling, the struggle with many of the same issues as females, such as anxiety, depression. There are also some issues that affect men more frequently than females, such as substance abuse, pornography, and challenges related to fatherhood.   

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How do Male Issues Impact Me?

This inability to express oneself can impact one’s life in many ways. It can lead to breakdowns in communication which affect relationships and marriages. It can lead to using violence to solve problems rather than words, which can lead to domestic violence or run ins with the law. It can lead to turning to addictive behaviours such as drugs and alcohol to solve problems, rather than productive solutions like seeking counselling or visiting a doctor. When men do not seek help for mental illness, it has disastrous effects. Because of this aggressive approach to life (and death) men are three times as likely as to die from suicide attempts than females, even though females are twice as likely to attempt suicide.

What Does Male Issues Counselling Look Like?

We want everyone to feel open and comfortable with the counselling experience. At Freedom Counselling, all of our therapists are Registered Clinical Counsellors, trained in the latest psychological research and counselling methods such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. In addition, our male counsellors can relate to many of the pressure that men go through in a way that female counsellors have not experienced. Give us a call today at (250) 550-5482 to talk more about the counselling process and how we might help you in your situation.

Helpful Links for Male Issues

The Mayo Clinic

This website from the Mayo Clinic gives a good overview of male depression, symptoms and what to do if you or your partner is struggling with this. Click here to learn more.

The National Institute of Mental Health

 This American association gives great insight into the many different ways that mental health can affect men and what to do if you are experiencing any of their listed symptoms. Learn more about this here.

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