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And we all have our ups and downs. But what we need to know is that no matter what happens in life – in the good times, but especially in the bad times – that partner will be there for us. That even if the ground falls out from us, we will have someone by our side, fighting the battle with us.

The good news is that this is possible! Not only do we experience this love daily from Christ, we see it in nature as well.

Penguins live in some of the harshest climates on earth – but they are also one of the examples of monogamous relationships from the “wild kingdom” (other examples being beavers and wolves)! How do they do it? Perhaps the very fact that they go through these trying circumstances actually draws them closer in their relationship, so that neither time nor trial can pull them apart.

At least, that is our hope for you. Through this marriage conference we wish you to rediscover the love that you have for each other, but more than that encourage you to reimagine your life. As it is written: “For two shall become one!”

Life is not a journey that you travel together, two-gether is the journey you travel for life.

Here’s two living life at its fullest!

Retreat Information

The Two-gether Forever Marriage Retreat will be held February 22-23. We are excited to be able to host this weekend at Fairhaven Ministries Canada in Vernon, BC. The first day of the weekend will be held at the main lodge at Fairhaven, while the second day is intended to be a private day for the couples (with activities and instructions given that can be explored together).  The event is FREE, with coffee and lunch provided on Friday. The couples can either book a night at Fairhaven by contacting the center, or participate in the activities from their home or another location.

Retreat Schedule + Registration

TimeFriday (Feb 22)Saturday (Feb 23)

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8:30-9:00amWelcome and ArrivalRelaxed Morning
9:00-10:15amMorning Session
10:15-10:45amCoffee (Provided)
10:45-12:00pmMorning Session
12:00-1:00pmLunch (Provided)Lunch
1:00-2:15pmAfternoon SessionAfternoon Activity
2:15-2:45pmCoffee (Provided)
4:00-5:15pmAfternoon Session
5:15-5:30pmClose and PrayerDinner
6:00-9:00pmCouple Date NightCouple Date Night